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Sharpening of other edged tools

We offer sharpening of other edged tools. You can find an estimated pricelist (individual prices are calculated based on actual state of tool). We sharpen on the best the market has to offer - the water cooled slow speed grinder TORMEK T-7 that does not heat up the sharpened knife. We don’t use the supplied leather honing wheel but rather a Japanese grind wheel Tormek SJ-250 with grit JIS 4000 and custom made natural stone Rozsutec grind wheel with approximate JIS 6000. Thanks to this set up we are able to sharpen even the best of the kitchen knives.

Sharpening services are only available in our store in Prague 4 - Libuš. Usually the sharpening takes 1-5 days (depending on actual amount of work)

Sharpening pricelist

ToolPrice per piece
Universal scissors 249,- Kč
Hairdressing scissors Only KAI KASHO - through specialist, 1000-1200 CZK per sharpening
Gardening scissors straight (not curved) Individually
Pocket knives Starting at 149 CZK
Carving knives Starting at 149 CZK
Woodworking chisels Starting at 199 CZK
Plane irons Starting at 249 CZK
Drawknives Starting at 299 CZK

NOTE: If the tool has chips or nicks, bent or broken point or needs other repairs, we will calculate additional fees depending on actual damage. We can only accept cash payment for sharpening in CZK.

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