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Diamond sharpening wheels


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DF-250 Diamond wheel fine Tormek


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Fine grit of Tormek Diamond wheel makes it ideal as universal wheel with ideal ration of material removal /polishing effect.  

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7 843 Kč tax incl.

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Swedish manufacturer Tormek has developed diamond grind wheels of three different grit sizes for water cooled Tormek grinders with wheel diameter of 250mm (for models T-7, T-8 and older type S2000). Thanks to slow revolutions of grinder and diamond abrasive of wheel you can grind dry without heating up the material being ground. You can also grind with water which will result in longer life of wheel and even better results (smoother bevels). Wheels are extremely resilient to wear and tear and their diameter does not change. That means there is no need to flatten the wheel in future like with corundum abrasive. With diamond wheels you can also use the side for sharpening flat bevels which will be appreciated especially during sharpening of woodcarvers and carpenters chisels, planes irons and knives.  

- Fine variant of TORMEK diamond wheel
- Diamond abrasive grit size: F600 (JIS 1500)
- Most universal wheel
- Effective material removal while keeping neat edge
- Suitable for any material (steel, cemented carbides and even ceramic)
- Compatible with T-8, T-7 and older grinders with diameter of wheel 250 mm
- Comes with 150ml of anti corrosion concentrate (intended for wet sharpening)
- Wheel diameter: 250 mm
- Wheel width: 50 mm
- Official Czech distribution

For grinding on wheel side, we recommend you buy Multi Base Tormek MB-100 that gives excellent support to individual Tormek jigs.


1) For grinding with water always use the anti corrosion concentrate (10ml of concentrate for 250ml of water). Mix the solution first, then pour it in the through. If you want to keep the solution till next sharpening, lower the through in such way that the wheel is not sitting in (or touching) the water.
2) Always use only light pressure. Diamond grits are extremely sharp and therefore sensitive to too much pressure.
3) At first the diamond wheel may seem more aggressive. That is normal; it’s a process during which the diamond grit stabilizes. This should only last for the first 2-5 grindings.
4) Never use the Truing Tool TT-50 for diamond wheels.

Information about item availability

Information about item availability

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DF-250 Diamond wheel fine Tormek

DF-250 Diamond wheel fine Tormek

Fine grit of Tormek Diamond wheel makes it ideal as universal wheel with ideal ration of material removal /polishing effect.  


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