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Microplane special products


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Cube grater black Microplane 34002 View larger

Cube grater black Microplane 34002


New product

Microplane cube grater with three different graters - fine, coarse and ribbon. Blade is made from surgical stainless steel sharpened by patented technology of photo etching.

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665 Kč tax incl.

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This innovative little tool is highly effective and fun to use. For maximum performance and versatility the grater cube is equipped with 3 original graters from surgical stainless steel sharpened by patented technology of photo etching for extreme sharpness and longevity. By simply turning the cube you can choose the grater side; fine grater, ribbon grater or coarse grater.
Outer shell is made from transparent plastic and doubles as practical collector for grater produce, it also has measuring lines.

1) Fine grater - suitable for citrus fruit zest, chocolate or hard cheese
2) Thin ribbon grater - suitable for chocolate, cheese or fresh vegetables to create attractive ribbons
3) Coarse grater - can be used for practically any ingredient, citrus fruit zest, cheese, chocolate, dry bread, vegetables, fruits...

- Extremely long lasting sharpness thanks to patented technology of photo etching
- Grating without tearing or shredding the produce keeps the aroma and juices inside the grated produce
- Surgical stainless steel blades
- 3 graters in one tool
- Dishwasher safe
- Practical case for safe storage doubles as produce container
- Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 cm
- EAN: 0098399340029
- Made in USA


About manufacturer:
American brand Microplane has long lasting tradition in making woodworking tools and quality rasps. Big change came in 1994 when old grater belonging to Canadian house maker gave up during preparation of orange cake. She grabbed her husband’s rasp and orange peel instantly turned into fine flawless ribbons, and so was laid the base for Microplane future success in field of kitchen graters and zesters. In five years The New York Times wrote about increasing popularity of Microplane kitchen tools amongst best chefs. Three years after a new line of Microplane graters intended for professional kitchens was born.
Since then, Microplane graters stand out amongst others thanks to years of innovation and development of patented chemical process of photo etching, which is used to create flawless tiny cutting surfaces. In comparison to other graters, Microplane ones are much sharper and able to cut even soft foods without tearing or shredding them. But it’s not all about technology. Microplane collects awards in field of applied design, leading with their four sided grater. Products range is also constantly upgraded with different products and vibrant colors.

Information about item availability

Information about item availability

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Cube grater black Microplane 34002

Cube grater black Microplane 34002

Microplane cube grater with three different graters - fine, coarse and ribbon. Blade is made from surgical stainless steel sharpened by patented technology of photo etching.

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