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Pedicure nippers


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NN-05 SUWADA Classic Nail Nipper Pedicure


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Forged nail nippers for pedicure with beautiful sateen surface finish. They have straight edge. Length is 120mm. Nippers come packed in metal case. Made in Japan.

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2 890 Kč tax incl.

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- Forged nail nippers for pedicure
- Material: Stainless steel
- Overall length: 120 mm
- Flawless hand sharpened edge
- Cylinder inner spring (Suwada Patent) for maximum opening
- Comes in metal case
- Made in Japan

About manufacturer:
SUWADA – maker of the best cutting tools since 1926. Entire product range of Suwada´s brand is hand made by experienced masters who always strive to achieve unmatched sharpness. Today, Suwada comes with a new collection of standard cutting tools made from the best materials. Suwada´s efforts to achieve functional and aesthetic perfection have repeatedly won Good Design Award (Japan). Since its foundation in Sanjo, Japanese city renowned for its blacksmith arts, Suwada was making its famous tools for manicure, pedicure, bonsai tools and kitchen tools.


After using SUWADA products you will not think of using any other brand.
1) Unique nail-fitting curve maximizes safety and ease of use even for tough nails and ingrown nails.
2) The cutting quality of Suwada nail nipper last for a long time because of the high strength forged steel.
3) Thanks to very hard forged steel the nippers will remain sharp for long time.
4) Our nail nipper can be used for thick nails because of widely opened blade by use of cylinder spring.

Information about item availability

Information about item availability

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Kleštičky jsou precizně zpracované, velmi ostré. Bez problému stříhají i silné a díky tenké vyčnívající špičce i zarůstající nehty. Jsou zatím nejlepší, co jsem vyzkoušel. Předpokládám, že i použitý materiál bude kvalitní, výrobce je ve světě dost známý. Dlouho jsem se kvůli vyšší ceně rozmýšlel, jestli si je mám koupit, ale je to věc, která se kupuje jednou za spoustu let a teď jsem rád, že je mám.

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NN-05 SUWADA Classic Nail Nipper Pedicure

NN-05 SUWADA Classic Nail Nipper Pedicure

Forged nail nippers for pedicure with beautiful sateen surface finish. They have straight edge. Length is 120mm. Nippers come packed in metal case. Made in Japan.

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