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Sharpening stones for razors


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3000 sharpening stone NANIWA Professional P-330


New product

Top of the line Naniwa stone of medium grit size 1000 for re-sharpening of already formed edge.

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3 265 Kč tax incl.

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Top of the line Naniwa stone of medium grit size 1000 for re-sharpening of already formed edge.

- JIS grit: 1000
- Medium grit stone for re-sharpening
- Japanese water stone
- Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 20 mm
- Grit: White aluminum oxide
- Made in NANIWA factory in Osaka, Japan

The New Naniwa Professional Stone is the highest grade stone from Naniwa
There are regular sharpening stones and then there are sharpening stones that become your most valued possessions. The Naniwa Professional is one of those products. Everything about them was designed for the most discriminating user. An experienced user is looking for a stone that not only sharpens well, but sharpens quickly. The Naniwa Professional is so consistent and quick to sharpen that it is truly a pleasure to use.

The Naniwa Professional Stones are quite generously sized. The actual dimensions are 210 x 70 x 20mm. This size is just about perfect for most knives and tools. The thickness of the single sided stone will last countless sharpening sessions.

Magnesia Bonding
What makes the Professional different from other waterstones is the bonding. They call it Magnesia Bonding in comparison to their Resin bonding on the Naniwa Superstone series. One of the main features of this process is greater density and consistency of finely graded abrasive particles. This gives the stone the fastest sharpening capability among our waterstones. Experienced users can really feel a difference with these stones.

Soaking stones is optional. If you do soak, we recommend no more than 15 minutes. Now your stone is ready for sharpening. We do recommend keeping a spray bottle handy to keep the stones wet while sharpening.

Stone Care
Naniwa Professional Stones require more care than your average stone. Unlike some waterstones, these are not to be left in water, leaving them in water will affect the bonding. When you are done, just let them air dry. Don’t try to speed up the drying process by exposing them to heat, just let them air dry so they can dry evenly. Store the stones only after they are completely dry.

Information about item availability

Information about item availability

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3000 sharpening stone NANIWA Professional P-330

3000 sharpening stone NANIWA Professional P-330

Top of the line Naniwa stone of medium grit size 1000 for re-sharpening of already formed edge.


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