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TORMEK accessories


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MB-100 Multi baseTormek


New product

Multi base MB-100 can be used when you want to grind on side of diamond wheel.

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1 883 Kč tax incl.

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With the Multi Base MB-100, you can sharpen on the side of the Tormek Diamond Wheels, thus creating a completely flat bevel that is preferable in some applications. The MB-100 has an adjustment line that allows you to fix the sharpening position based on the optimal setting for each tool and jig. For convenience, it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

- Base for mounting universal support US-105 to use the side of Tormek diamond wheel.
- Grinding on side of diamond wheel produces absolutely flat bevels
- It can be mounted vertically or horizontally
- Compatible with following jigs: SVM-45, SVM-140, SVM-00, SVX-150, SVA-170, SVS-38, SVD-186, SVS-50, SE-77 a SVD-110
- Compatible with T-8, T-7 and older grinder types with wheel diameter of 250mm
- Official Czech distribution


Note: When using the newer WM-200, please use the other scale marked as MB-100. With the older model of WM-200 which only has one scale, you can simply add 18° (example: for required angle of grinding 25° set the scale angle to 43°). Wheel size setting is always set to 250mm.

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Information about item availability

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MB-100 Multi baseTormek

MB-100 Multi baseTormek

Multi base MB-100 can be used when you want to grind on side of diamond wheel.


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