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Tormek bundles


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TORMEK Bundle T-8 Original + HTK-806 + Silicon Blackstone SB-250


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Discounted bundle with Tormek T-8 Original, HTK-806 jig kit and coarse grindstone SB-250.

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28 745 Kč tax incl.

Instead of 30 909 Kč

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Discounted bundle of Tormek T-8 Original with HTK-806 with jigs for knives, scissors, axes and small tools. For basic re-shaping or faster material removal, there is SB-250 grindstone included.

Set contains:
1) Tormek T-8 Original
- grinder incl. Main shaft, and EzyLock nut
- water trough with magnetic scraper and water chute
- Original grindstone SG-250
- Leather honing wheel LA-220
- Universal support US-105
- Square edge jig SE-77
- Truing tool TT-50
- Stone grader SP-650
- Angle master WM-200
- Honing compound PA-70
- Edge marker EM-15
- Storage tray for Tormek T-8 accessories T8-00
- Complete Czech manual TORMEK

With your grinder you also get:
Voucher for 1000 CZK for Tormek sharpening course for beginners we regularly organize in our store. For more information see the dates bellow. Courses are only in Czech.

2) HTK-806 hand tool kit
- SVM-00 small knife holder
- KJ-45 centering knife jig
- KJ-140 wide centering knife jig
- SVX-150 scissors jig
- SVS-38 short tool jig
- SVA-170 axe jig
- TC-800 case with HTK-00 storage tray for hand tool kit

3) SB-250 Blackstone Silicon
- coarse grindstone with sharp abrasive particles
- for fast material removal
- abrasive grit: F220 (JIS 220)
- width 50 mm
- diameter 250 mm

Pack content

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    5 474 Kč In stock
    1 x
    1 Review(s)

    - Intended for exotic steel alloys - can be used to touch up tungsten carbide tool where shape is already established - grit: F220 (JIS 220) - Width 50 mm - Diameter 250 mm - Central hole diameter 12 mm - Compatible with Tormek T-7, T-8 (and other grinders like JET etc.)

    5 474 Kč
    In stock
  • Quick view
    19 729 Kč In stock
    1 x
    6 Review(s)

    In the middle of 2016 the Tormek company came out with a new Tormek T-8 grinder. New grinder will be replacing the very popular T-7 grinder and brings new innovations to already great sharpening system. Main difference from T-7 is that T-8 has body made from zinc casting, improved water trough with scraper and new fixing mechanism. The T-8 comes with...

    19 729 Kč
    In stock
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    5 706 Kč In stock
    1 x
    9 Review(s)

    Set of original accessories HTK-806 in new plastic case with lid and leather handle. Intended for sharpening of hand tools like knives, scissors, axes and similar.

    5 706 Kč
    In stock

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Information about item availability

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TORMEK Bundle T-8 Original + HTK-806 + Silicon Blackstone SB-250

TORMEK Bundle T-8 Original + HTK-806 + Silicon Blackstone SB-250

Discounted bundle with Tormek T-8 Original, HTK-806 jig kit and coarse grindstone SB-250.


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