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Hair styling scissors KASHO


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Hair styling scissors KASHO
The KASHO Hair Styling Scissors are professional tools from Japan, offered in variety of shapes (straight, offset, semi-offset, super straight) and materials (stainless steel to damascus). Extreme precision and care for detail make these scissors indispensable tool in arsenal of every hair dresser.

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  • KAD - Damascus Series
    Combining old forge traditions with the state of the art and futuristic technology. The maximum sharpness, hardness and durability of the edges is achieved using the renowned wear resistance V10 stainless steel alloy. The Damascus steel is then carefully layered on top to produce the beautiful Damascus patterning. A unique “flat screw” system with integrated ball bearing ensures a silky smooth operation. The Convex and hollow ground blades are finely mirror polished. The KASHO Damascus series represent the ultimate in hand finished sophistication.
  • KML - Millennium Series
    The KASHO Millennium Series represents superb craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. These exceptionally sharp, ergonomically designed hair styling scissors are made of sinter metal that is extremely resistant. The patented Disc Operation System ensures perfect, even movement and optimum tension. The smooth operation of these high mirror polished scissor blades reduces cutting resistance to a minimum, which in turn reduces hand fatigue. The Millennium Series features a special ergonomic finger rest and is available as offset and straight designs.
  • KXP - XP Series
    The KASHO XP Series combines the excellent features of the acclaimed Green Series with the unique Disc Operation System of the Millennium Series.
    Forged from the low wear VG-10 stainless steel alloy, the XP-Series is characterized by its high durability and hardness. In the trend of ergonomically designed scissors, the XP Series offers an ergonomically advanced straight design semi-semi Offset or ergonomically designed offset model.
  • KGR - Green Series
    The semi-offset designed Green Series is equipped with a tension adjustable screw and an integrated ball bearing. The Green Series includes the texturizer, where the teeth are so shaped by up to date erosion technique that each tooth meets the cutting edge at the same angle.
    The gaps between the teeth are tapered towards the inside of the teeth blade, which prevents a tangle of hair when pulling out. The convex blades are mirror polished.
    The KASHO Sagano combines the excellent traditional features of the tried and tested Green series with an extremely attractive, elegant and ergonomic design. Offered for the first time with a traditionally forged finger notch, it is the perfect tool for stylists who value comfort and, in particular, creativity in their work. Coupled with the highly reliable Damask series screw system and integrated ball bearing, this model guarantees silky smooth cutting passes. Kasho characters and an original Japanese ceramic inlay lend the screw system a sophisticated touch. The convex and hollow-ground scissor blades have been carefully sharpened and finely polished to a high shine.
  • KSI - Silver Series

    The KASHO Silver Series represents the new middle category of the KASHO hair styling scissors. The ratchet flat screw allows fine tuning of the tension and will meet all the requirements of hair stylist who need the “right” tool for comfortable and creative work. The Silver Series are available as a straight or ergonomically designed offset model in silver and also a ergonomically designed offset model with a black DLC coating (DLC = diamond like carbon). The convex KASHO blades are mirror polished.

  • KCB - Blue Series
    The KASHO Blue Series epitomizes all the advantages of Japanese scissors, but is fitted with the flat head screw system. A slight split of the screw holds the screw thread firmly against the lower blade allowing the tension of the screw to be finely adjusted. The Blue Series are available as a straight or ergonomically designed offset model. The convex blades are mirror polished.
  • KCR - Chrome series
    New series of KASHO scissors awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2019 is intended for hairdressers, who are getting familiar with the KASHO products. New type of ratchet flat screw has no step mechanism and thus allows for ideal setting of resistance. Elegant design also offers great ergonomics. Models from this line are only available in offset type for maximum comfort. Perfect edge has a semi-convex grind with satin finish, as is standard with KASHO brand.
  • KDM - Design Master...
    The KASHO Design Master Series is regarded as intorductory model of a KASHO. The ratchet screw system allows variable tension setting. The Design Master Series is available as a straight or ergonomically designed offset model. The semi-convex blades are satin finished.
  • KBP - Basic Impression...

    The KASHO Basic Impression Series is regarded as the introductory model of a KASHO. The ratchet screw system allows variable tension setting. The Basic Impression Series is available as an ergonomically designed offset model. The semi-convex blades are satin finished.

  • WST - WASABI...

    The WASABI series is an ideal introduction to the high end Japanese scissors and meet all requirements of ambitious hair dressers. The WASABI series are genuine Japan made scissors and finished by experienced masters in accordance with the old Japanese tradition of craftsmanship. The scissors are made of high carbon steel are characterized with semi convex blades, hollow ground inside. The ergonomically contoured finger rests are detachable.

  • KAI Excelia
    KAI Excelia is the basic line of Japanese hair dressing scissors.
  • KASHO Combs
    Professional carbon fibre antistatic combs
  • KAI KASHO Accessories
    Accessories for hair dressing scissors KASHO and KAI razors.
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Showing 1 - 30 of 76 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 76 items