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Our company also wholesales certain brands to other retailers. We can offer you following brands which we import directly:



Hasegawa Corporation was founded in 1955 and since 1992 they started production of high quality kitchen utensils like cutting boards, Hangiri bowls and mixing spatulas. The cutting boards quickly gained popularity amongst chefs and home cooks for their sturdy construction with wood core and special surface coatings that prolongs the knife edge life.




Traditional Japanese manufacturer YOSHIDA HAMONO is located in Taku-city (Saga prefecture) since 1964. Small factory with 40 employees specializes in hand forging of kitchen knives. Their top range products are made from extremely hard ZDP-189 steel from Japanese Hitachi Metals steelworks.


Japanese kitchen knives ZANMAI are designed and manufactured by the well renowned manufacturer of pocket folding knives MCUSTA. ZANMAI literally translates as „luxury“and the knives reflect that. Entire production of ZANMAI is located in Seki city, where cutlery has a tradition going back to first half of 13th century.




Naniwa is one of the best known producers of top quality sharpening stones in Japan. Company is collecting experience in the field for over 70 years. Who seeks true Japanese quality will choose Naniwa stones. Stones have relatively hard binder, meaning they stay flat for longer while offering great removal of sharpened material.


Natural sharpening stone Rozsutec is quarried and manufactured by small family enterprise in Slovakian Malá Fatra mountain range for several decades. Rozsutec is a very fine stone (equivalent to synthetic stones 6000-8000). This means you will achieve a mirror finish on your edge.


Suehiro Corporation is a smaller Japanese manufacturer of sharpening stones. The factory is located in Niigata city since 1967. The manufacturer made a name for himself under different brand names such as SUEHIRO, CERAX or DEBADO. Overall reception of Suehiro products is very good and stones are considered to be very effective yet affordable product.


SUWADA – maker of the best cutting tools since 1926. Entire product range of Suwada´s brand is hand made by experienced masters who always strive to achieve unmatched sharpness. Today, Suwada comes with a new collection of standard cutting tools made from the best materials. Suwada´s efforts to achieve functional and aesthetic perfection have repeatedly won Good Design Award (Japan). Since its foundation in Sanjo, Japanese city renowned for its blacksmith arts, Suwada was making its famous tools for manicure, pedicure, bonsai tools and kitchen tools.


TAIDEA specializes in manual sharpening products. These are above all corundum sharpening stone of wide variety of grit size. TAIDEA also offers kitchen sharpeners in several version and other accessories. One of the advantages of TAIDA is great performance to cost ration and extended 3 years warranty. TAIDEA has also made a name for itself with their brands like Lansky, Coleman, Normark or Magnum.


If you wish to cooperate or get more information, do not hesitate to write us an email to: or give us a call at 00420702062342 (CZ, EN) during our operating hours.