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Other knives


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Other knives
Other specialized knives except kitchen knives.

Other knives There are 320 products.


  • Travel cuttlery Akinod
    Modern travel cuttlery sets from French manufacturer Akinod
  • Deejo design knives

    The Deejo began as a desire on the part of Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau to (re)kindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket when you need one. "We wanted simple, light;... ultra-light - without compromising the size so everyone can enjoy what is truly important - perfect cut anywhere and anytime. DEEJO knives are for every mood, taste, him or her.

  • Higonokami knives
    The Higonokami history goes all the way to 19th century to Miki City, Japan. Back then, the knives were all hand crafted. Steel was placed in iron mold and forged into required shape. Sheaths were made either from brass or blackened iron. They were richly adorned with portraits, flowers, animals or landscape motives. In 1894 the company introduced all new pocket knife „Higonokami Knife“, which was a massive success even with Japanese court. In 1899 „Higonokami Knife Union“ was founded and during its best years, the union had up to 40 companies. Higonokami registered mark was registered in 1910 and became a part of traditional knife making in Japan.
  • Morakniv knives
    Morakniv knives have been produced in Swedish city Mora for over 400 years and have built solid reputation worldwide thanks to their sharpness and quality. Morakniv products are completely made in Swedish factory in Mora. Each step in this process, from the intake of raw materials for the final expedition has a unique role. Individual production phases are constantly being developed and improved. Used steel is treated in such a way as to become harder, tougher and more flexible. The hardening process itself is a closely guarded secret. Blades are made from three types of material, stainless steel, carbon steel or laminated steel. Each type of steel has unique properties that predetermine the use of knife.   
  • Old Bear by Antonini

    For three generations the Italian company Antonini has been hand making knives. You can find a wide range of products in their portfolio, ranging from simple pocket knives to rescue special tools that are in equipment of firefighters and rescue workers. Entire production is situated in Northern Italy which is well known since middle ages for production of quality cutting tools.

  • French knives OPINEL
    First OPINEL knife was made in 1890. As time went the brand gained more popularity until it became well renowned brand of pocket folding knives. These knives were soon adored for their above standard quality and simple yet distinctive design. At present, OPINEL knives are sold worldwide, 360 knives are sold every hour. Entire production of OPINEL is still done by traditional proven methods. Factory is located in Chambéry, Savoy Alps, France. All handles and blades are made there, parts are then hand completed and finished knives are manually sharpened. 95% of wood used comes from France; the rest is imported exotic wood for luxury series (ebony, zebrawood, rosewood etc.). OPINEL blades are made from the best Swedish steel. Knives are offered in both stainless and carbon steel.
  • Flexcut wood carving...
    Modern tools for traditional craft - these are wood carving knives by American maker Flexcut. You can find standard knives or folding ones with nearly inexhaustible amount of blades profiles.
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Showing 1 - 30 of 320 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 320 items