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Product Information

Service Offer

Delivery options

Deliveries are offered within Czech Republic and other European countries as indicated in table below. If the item is marked as "in stock", orders submitted in morning are dispatched on the same day. Afternoon orders are dispatched the following work day. If the item is not in stock, specific delivery dates can be found in detailed description of item.


All bellow mentioned delivery options are free with orders over 5000CZK or 200EUR. This applies for abroad deliveries as well.

Personal Pickup

You can of course come and collect your goods in our store. We do not charge anything for personal pickup. After you receive an email with confirmation you can come during working hours to our store at: Dobronická 45/8, 142 00 Prague 4. The items are reserved for you for 5 working days since the first email with confirmation.

Czech Republic

We offer several options for delivery within Czech Republic. The costs bellow change in dependence on whether you make advance payments or pay cash on delivery (COD). - Parcel point max 5 kg - advance payment 67,- CZK (COD +12,- CZK)
GLS - Courier to private address - advance payment 95,- CZK (COD +30,- CZK)
Shipping orders above 5000,- CZK FREE (COD +30,- CZK)


For purchase in EUR, you first need to set currency to EUR in the top bar of any page on our website.

Delivery to Slovakia usually takes two work days since dispatch of order. You can pay for your order by card online, by bank transfer in EUR or cash on delivery in EUR (COD). - Parcel point max 5 kg - advance payment 3,88 € (COD +0,60 €)
GLS - Courier to private address - advance payment 6,68 € (COD +1,25 €)
Shipping orders above 200,- € FREE (COD +1,25 €)


For purchase in EUR, you first need to set currency to EUR in the top bar of any page on our website.

We offer deliveries to most European countries listed in the table bellow. These orders need to be paid in advance either by card online or by bank transfer. Deliveries usually take 2-7 work days depending on distance.

CountryDelivery to private addressParcel point (max 5Kg)Delivery by postal service (max 5kg)
Austria 9,60 € - GLS X X
Belgium 9,60 € - GLS X X
Bulgaria 9,60 € - GLS X X
Croatia 9,60 € - GLS X X
Denmark 9,60 € - GLS X X
Estonia 12 € - GLS X X
Finland 19,32 € - GLS X X
France 12 € - GLS X X
Germany 9,60 € - GLS X X
Greece 19,32 € - GLS X X
Hungary 9,60 € - GLS 3,88 € - X
Ireland 19,32 € - GLS X X
Italy 10 € - GLS X X
Latvia 12 € - GLS X X
Lithuania 12 € - GLS X X
Luxembourg 12 € - GLS X X
Netherlands 9,60 € - GLS X X
Poland 9,60 € - GLS 3,88 € - X
Portugal 12 € - GLS X X
Romania 9,60 € - GLS 3,88 € - X
Slovenia 12 € - GLS X X
Spain 19,32 € - GLS X X
Sweden 12 € - GLS X X

All shipping for deliveries over 200,- € is FREE.

Pozn.: All costs are including VAT 21%.

Download complete shipping pricelist in PDF.