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Sharpening stones


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Sharpening stones
Sharpening stones by several worlds leading manufacturers. Subcathegories are devided by brand.

Sharpening stones There are 132 products.


  • BESTER sharpening stones
    Sharpening stones Bester from Japanese manufacturer Imanishi from Kyoto.
  • CHROMA sharpening stones
    Sharpening stones for manual sharpening from Japanese manufacturer CHROMA.
  • KAI sharpening stones
    Sharpening stones for manual sharpening by Japanese manufacturer KAI.
  • MATSUNAGA sharpening...
    MATSUNAGA Stone is most renowned and oldest maker of Japanese sharpening stones. Company is located in Osaka City, Japan. Their most popular brands are KING Stones and Sun Tiger. Recently the manufacturer introduced a new brand named Ice Bear.
    Original sharpening stones for Japanese knives MCUSTA ZANMAI made by Japanese manufacturer IMANISHI from Kyoto, Japan.
  • NANIWA sharpening stones
    Naniwa is one of the most renowned manufacturers of top sharpening stones in Japan. This company based in Osaka, has been collecting experience for over 70 years. Those seeking true Japanese quality needn’t look further. Sharpening stones Naniwa use relatively strong bonding resin, which makes the stones stay flat longer while offering very good material off take.
  • OPINEL sharpening stones

    Opinel sharpenig stones

  • SUEHIRO Sharpening stones
  • TAIDEA Sharpening stones
    TAIDEA manufacturer specializes in products for manual sharpening, above all in corundum sharpening stones of wide variety of grit size. They also offer kitchen sharpness in several designed and various sharpening accessories. One of the advantages of TAIDEA is high quality of their products and 3 years warranty. TAIDEA Company has already made a name for itself worldwide under other brand names such as Lansky, Coleman, Normark or Magnum.
  • ZWILLING sharpening...
    Sharpening stones by german manufacturer Zwilling.
  • ROZSUTEC natural...
    Natural stone Rozsutec has a very fine grit (Japanese Industrial Standard synthetic stones equivalent of 6000-8000). Thanks to this you will achieve mirror finish on your blades. The stone is very hard and therefore barely diminishes; this property is helpful especially when polishing thin blades that would leave cuts and nicks in synthetic grindstones. Rozsutec stones come from Malá Fatra Mountains (Slovakia) where they have been quarried and processed by family run business for several decades.
  • Sharpening stones sets
    Sets of sharpening stones and accessories from various manufacturers.
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Showing 1 - 30 of 132 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 132 items