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  • Bester IMANISHI

    Sharpening stones Bester are made in factory in IMANISHI, Japan. The company’s headquarters are in the city of temples - Kyoto. Sharpening stones Bester are well known for fast removal of sharpened material. These are water stones

  • Böker

    Heinr. Böker Baumwerk GmbH is a German manufacturer or knives and straight razor. Company is based in Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia. It was estimated by Heinrich Böker and Hermann Heuser in the year 1869. The Böker family has been in the business since the 17th century, when they owned a factory producing hand tools. This factory began manufacture of cutlasses in 1829. Today the company manufactures in several countries and divides production into four categories. The category „Böker Manufaktur Solingen“offers traditional handmade straight razor from Solingen.


    Chroma Cutlery is manufacturer of professional kitchen knives and assorted kitchen tools with worldwide distribution. CHROMA offers several completely different series of knives. Each line was carefully crafted by experienced master craftsmen and designed by renowned designers like F.A. Porsche, Georg Draser or Sebastian Conran.


    The Deejo began as a desire on the part of Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau to (re)kindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket when you need one. "We wanted simple, light;... ultra-light - without compromising the size so everyone can enjoy what is truly important - perfect cut anywhere and anytime. DEEJO knives are for every mood, taste, him or her.

  • DICK

    In the year 1778 Johann Friedrich Dick founded a file manufacturing workshop in Esslingen.  More than 230 years later the manufacture remains a family enterprise. Dick is the only manufacturer in the world with a complete portfolio of knives, sharpening steels, cooks and butchers utensils, butcher machines and grinders. Long tradition, manufacturing experience and high quality of products make Friedr. Dick main brand for world’s cooks – amateurs and professionals alike.

  • Dino-Lite

    Since the year 2000 Dino Lite has been manufacturing and pioneering digital microscope technology. Their product found way into many fields from education to forensic sciences. These microscopes are known for light construction and ease of operation.

  • Flexcut Tool

    Flexcut was founded in 1986 as carving school with store. Four years later they began manufacturing their own tools. Thanks to many innovations of traditional tools, Flexcut become well known all around the globe.

  • Giesen & Forsthoff - Timor

    Giesen & Forsthoff is a traditional manufacturer of tools for barbers and hairdressers. Family enterprise that was founded in 1920 still produces top notch tools in its original factory. Company constantly trains new specialists, so the knowledge acquired over years is passed on to new generations. Their razors and shavers are renowned over the world under the registered trademark TIMOR.


    Hasegawa Corporation was founded in 1955 and since 1992 they started production of high quality kitchen utensils like cutting boards, Hangiri bowls and mixing spatulas. The cutting boards quickly gained popularity amongst chefs and home cooks for their sturdy construction with wood core and special surface coatings that prolongs the knife edge life.


    With his premium class tools, master blacksmith Hidehisa pays tribute to the beauty of nature. He dedicates himself to creating finely dimensioned masterpieces which are light in weight and aesthetically pleasing. Made from YCS3 steel, all joints are polished and adjusted by hand. Hidehisa gardening and bonsai tools preserves traditional forging and grinding techniques crucial for manufacturing high-quality shears. The company also incorporates modern technology such as a numerical control grinding system and industrial robots to improve its manufacturing lines. HIDEHISA hand forged shears are manufactured in Sanjo, Niigata Province, Japan by an old, established firm well known for the quality of their wares.

  • KAI

    KAI makes professional kitchen knives and their pinnacle are SHUN knives made from Damascus steel. KAI is a synonym for quality and precision from Japan.


    Traditional Japanese manufacturer YOSHIDA HAMONO is located in Taku-city (Saga prefecture) since 1964. Small factory with 40 employees specializes in hand forging of kitchen knives. Their top range products are made from extremely hard ZDP-189 steel from Japanese Hitachi Metals steelworks.


    MATSUNAGA Stone is the best known and oldest maker of Japanese sharpening stones. Company is located in Osaka, Japan. Their most renowned products are stones KING and Sun Tiger.


    Japanese kitchen knives ZANMAI are designed and manufactured by the well renowned manufacturer of pocket folding knives MCUSTA. ZANMAI literally translates as „luxury“and the knives reflect that. Entire production of ZANMAI is located in Seki city, where cutlery has a tradition going back to first half of 13th century.

  • Microplane

    American brand Microplane has a long tradition in woodworking with their quality rasps. A big change came in 1994. Old kitchen grater belonging to Canadian house maker gave up during preparation of orange cake and so she took her husband’s Microplane woodworking rasp. Orange zest was turned into beautiful and identical ribbons in no time and so the base of future success of Microplane was laid. In five years The New York Times wrote an article about increasing popularity of Microplane graters with best Chefs. In next three years Microplane created a new line of graters intended for professional kitchens.


    Naniwa is one of the best known producers of top quality sharpening stones in Japan. Company is collecting experience in the field for over 70 years. Who seeks true Japanese quality will choose Naniwa stones. Stones have relatively hard binder, meaning they stay flat for longer while offering great removal of sharpened material.

  • Old Bear by Antonini

    Italian company Antonini has been hand manufacturing knives for three generations. You can find knives ranging from simple pocket knives to specialized rescue tools that are in use by professional fireman and rescuers. Complete production is situated in Northern Italy in Maniago area, which is renowned by production of quality cutting tools.


    First OPINEL knife was made back in 1890. Since then the brand became somewhat a cult thanks to their unique pocket knives. These knives brought fame to their manufacturer thanks to their above standard quality and simple yet distinctive design. Currently, OPINEL knives sell worldwide as fast as 360 knives every hour.

  • PEAK

    PEAK Optics is Japanese company manufacturing and selling various optical devices such as loupes, microscopes incl. digital, endoscopes and others. Their products stand out by quality construction and precise manufacturing.

  • Rozsutec

    Natural sharpening stone Rozsutec is quarried and manufactured by small family enterprise in Slovakian Malá Fatra mountain range for several decades. Rozsutec is a very fine stone (equivalent to synthetic stones 6000-8000). This means you will achieve a mirror finish on your edge.

  • Shigeki Tanaka

Showing 1 - 30 of 37 items