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Knife sharpeners, sharpening steels and accessories


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Knife sharpeners, sharpening steels and accessories
Whetstones, sharpening steels and accessories for manual sharpening.

Knife sharpeners, sharpening steels and accessories There are 134 products.


  • Knife Sharpeners
    TAIDEA manufacturer specializes in products for manual sharpening, above all in corundum sharpening stones of wide variety of grit size. They also offer kitchen sharpeners in several designs and various sharpening accessories. One of the advantages of TAIDEA is high quality of their products and 3 years warranty. TAIDEA Company has already made a name for itself worldwide under other brand names such as Lansky, Coleman, Normark or Magnum.
  • KMFS system
    Top quality sharpening system. The set is made with extraordinary precision which ensures very accurate sharpening for any knife. CNC machining from solid blocks of material offers maximum precision and toughness. Proudly manufactured in Czech Republic!
  • Strops for razors
    Leather strops for sharpening traditional straight razors.
  • Honing steel
    Honing steel for knives
  • Accessories to manual...
    Accessories to manual sharpening - holders, sharpening guides, dressing stones
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Showing 1 - 30 of 134 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 134 items