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European Kitchen knives


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European Kitchen knives
Kitchen knives from European manufacturers.

European Kitchen knives There are 37 products.


  • Dick - Premier Plus
    Tradition and quality. All you need to be creative in kitchen. Blade is forged from one piece of steel, its perfectly balanced and ergonomically shaped. Perfect handle has just the right volume and shape with optical rivets. Thanks to special manufacturing process, its connected with blade with no gaps. A special high alloyed steel X50CrMoV15 has been developed for this series.  Long lasting edge thanks to high carbon content, chromium to increase resistance and molybdenum for increased corrosion resistance. High sharpness of each knife is a standard with this series. Each knife has been hand sharpened and polished.
  • Dick accesories for...
    In the year 1778 Friedr. Dick company was founded in Esslingen, Germany. After more than 230 years it is still a family enterprise. Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer in the world with a complete program of knives, honing steels, and equipment for professional cooks and butchers, butcher machines and grinders. Long tradition, manufacturing experience and top quality products make Friedr. Dick a go to brand for cooks amateurs and pros alike.
  • Morakniv - Classic 1891
    Morakniv Classic 1891 kitchen knives are made from the top quality Swedish stainless steel. Handles are hand crafted and birch wood has a typical red color resembling mahogany. Series is comprised of the 5 most popular blade shapes. The basis of series is large chef knife, filleting knife and serrated bread knife. Smaller utility knives are agile and comfortable, ideal for smaller kitchen jobs. Entire series has slightly tapered point of the blade, which assures perfect stability for even better culinary experience.
  • Morakniv - Frosts
    Professional knives Frosts for gastronomy and food industry. Made in Sweden by Morakniv.
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Showing 1 - 30 of 37 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 37 items