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Comparison of KAI Japanese knives


Comparison of individual series

Bellow you can check the different properties of individual series of Japanese kitchen knives by KAI. The series are listed from lowest price. The higher the series, the better materials and more manufacturing processes are used.

Japanese KAI knivesBladeHandleChefs knife (Gyuto) cost
WASABI BLACK  Stainless carbon steel (58±1 HRC) Black polypropylene mixed with bamboo dust 1450,- Kč
SEKI MAGOROKU REDWOOD Stainless carbon steel (58±1 HRC) Sequoia Sempervierens 2090,- Kč
SEKI MAGOROKU VINTAGE 3 layer carbon stainless steel (59±1 HRC) Japanese Birch 3150,- Kč
SHUN 32 layer Damascus with VG-10 core (61±1 HRC) Black laminated Pakka wood 5200,- Kč
SHUN PREMIER TIM MÄLZER 32 layer Damascus with VG-10 core (61±1 HRC) Dark brown walnut wood 5750,- Kč
SEKI MAGOROKU COMPOSITE VG-10 and SUS420J2 (61±1 HRC) Fair laminated Pakka wood 6999,- Kč
SHUN KAJI 32 layer Damascus SG-2 (64±1 HRC) Black laminated Pakka wood 8950,- Kč


KAI WASABI BLACK is a basic professional set with beautiful and minimalistic design achieved by combination of black handle and polished blade. Blade is made of high quality carbon stainless steel Daido 1K6 with solid 58±1 HRC toughness. Blade is followed by polished metal shroud. Black handle offers optimal hygienic surface thanks to combination of polypropylene and bamboo dust (with natural anti-bacterial properties). This makes the series usable for both home use and restaurant kitchen use.


SEKI MAGOROKU REDWOOD - traditional Japanese kitchen knives made of high carbon stainless steel. Toughness is rated at 58±1HRC. Chemical composition is C-0.75, Cr-13.50, S-0.02, P-0.03, Mo 0.20, V0.20. Polished edge ensures sharpness and absolute control of cutting. Knife is finished with black polished safeguard. Handle is made from Sequoia wood with high content of oil. That means handle is water resistant and will last longer. Handle has a traditional chestnut shape which assures perfect fit in hand. This line of knives is only for right-handed!


SEKI MAGOROKU VINTAGE is a line of knives made by cutting-edge sandwich technology. Blade is made from polished three layer carbon steel with toughness of 59 ± 1HRC. Very fine design line runs along the blade and gives the knife a unique look. Perfect design is underlined by two part riveted wooden handle made from Japanese birch. This breathtaking line of knives excels with its cutting properties that are unmatched in their price range.


KAI SHUN CLASSIC - this is the world’s best known and most expanded series of Japanese knives KAI which offers largest selection of blades of different sizes and shapes, there are almost 30 types. SHUN knives blades are made of 32 layers of Damascus stainless steel. Core of knife is made of VG-10 steel. This steel is highly resistant to corrosion and also boasts very high toughness of 61 ± 1HRC (1.0% carbon, 1.5% cobalt). Thanks to its toughness the knife will retain the edge practically indefinitely. Every single knife of SHUN series is hand polished. The knife´s fashionable look is achieved by black handle from laminated Pakka wood, which is finished with stainless steel shroud. Every SHUN knife is a little work of art and therefore packed in gift box.
In summer 2019 the series has been expanded with 7 most popular knives that now have light Pakka wood for handle. These knives are called Shun Classic WHITE.


SHUN PREMIER knives are made of 32 layer specially developed Damascus stainless steel. Knives have hand hammered surface and inner layer made from VG-10 steel. This steel is highly resistant to corrosion, very tough (61 ± 1 HRC, 1.0% carbon, 1.5% cobalt) and holds knife permanently sharp. Every knife of this series was carefully designed by Japanese master smiths from town of Seki. Beauty of these knives is highlighted by perfectly made handles from walnut. And as chef Tim Mälzer says: "A quality knife will not only make your job easier, it will also perfect your cooking skill."


SEKI MAGOROKU COMPOSITE - a KAI series of knives that won a prestigious award Reddot Design Award in 2013. This line is represented by 8 knives. The uniqueness of these knives is visible at first glance thanks to their distinctive design. Blade itself is made of two types of steel, mirror finish steel part is made of VG-10 steel with toughness of 61±1HRC, matt part is made from SUS420J2 steel. There is a fine copper line between these two different materials. State of the art production of these knives is based on aerospace technologies. This ensures longevity and flawless appearance. Slender handles that thin out towards the end are made of laminated Pakka wood.


SHUN KAJI - these top of the line premium knives by KAI are inspired techniques of making samurai swords. These knives combine new technologies with centuries proven hand smiting methods, this construction achieves unbelievable edge. Blade is made of 32 layers of Damascus steel with SG-2 steel core with extreme toughness of 64±1 HRC. Symmetrical sandwich handle made from black laminated Pakka wood is shaped for maximum comfort and cut control.