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Sharpening using whetstones

Let the stone soak under water for about 10-15 minutes prior to sharpening. Synthetic stones are best used with water as oil can clog up the pores, natural stones work better with oil as they are too hard to soak up water in sufficient amount.

As for the sharpening techniques, there are as many as there are sharpeners. You can see some examples in the videos bellow, however you can find a way that works for you and that gives you results you are after.

If during the sharpening the surface becomes clogged with steel particles, you can either use Nagura or Dressing stone or simply was the stone thoroughly with soft brush under running water.

After sharpening, clean and wash the stone and let them dry naturally. Accelerating drying process may lead to cracking of the stone. Do not store the stones underwater.

You can check our selection of whetstones here.

VIDEO - sharpening of Japanese kitchen knives:

VIDEO - sharpening of Japanese kitchen knives: