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CHROMA knives by use


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CHROMA knives by use
CHROMA knives arranged by intended use.

CHROMA knives by use There are 18 products.


  • CHROMA small universal...
    Smaller universal knives intended for peeling, coring and so on.
  • NAKIRI - japanese...
    Japanese NAKIRI type knives - traditional vegetable knives. Height of the knife allows for collecting of chopped produce on blade and easy transport straight into pot or pan.
  • SANTOKU - japanese...

    Japanese knives of SANTOKU type - traditional universal knife resembling European chef knife. SANTOKU knives can be used for meat, fish or vegetables. Height of the knife will allow you to pick up cut produce on its side and transport it into pot or pan.

  • CHROMA Chef knives
    Chef knives are intended for both meat and vegetables. They are larger, heavier and sit better when cutting with tip.
  • CHROMA boning knives
    Knives intended for boning meat.
  • DEBA - japanese boning...
    Japanese knives of DEBA type - traditional knife for fish and meat. They have one sided thicker edge adapted for easy deboning of meat.
  • CHROMA filleting and...
    Filleting knives with their long and flexible blade are ideal for easy slicing of meat and fish.
  • YANAGIBA jap....
    Japanese knives of YANAGIBA type - traditional knife intended for fish filleting. It has one sided thin edge that ensures clean fine cut, which also makes it the choice knife for Sushi and Sashimi.
  • CHROMA bread and...
    Knives for bread and pastry with serrated blade.
  • CHROMA steak knives
    Cutlery and steak knives from CHROMA.
Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items