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The term "Cookies" used in this policy refers to cookies files or similar technologies, which are stated in European guideline about privacy and electronic communication. If you continue to browse our websites without changing the cookies settings, we will consider this your agreement with using cookies on our websites.


These websites use Google Analytics service, which uses cookies. Cookies keep information about duration of browsing, number of displayed pages, location of user and number of times you visited website. This information is then used to improve these websites and to be able to provide good user experience. If you don't allow cookies, no information will be stored.

How does Google use Cookies?

Cookie is a short text file, which the website sends to internet browser. It allows the website to record information about your visit, such as preferred language and other settings. Next visit to website may be easier and more productive. Cookies are important and make browsing easier. We use them for example to save your settings of safe browsing, to display relevant ads, to monitor numbers of visitors, to make new registration or to make your data secured.

Read about the Cookies, that are used by Google and about ways Google and their partners use these files to display ads.

More information about Cookies can be found on Google website.